The Haus of Sonus - Band

  • Mr. Brian Horan, Head of House Band Crest

    My name is Brian Horan, and I am the Band Director here at Plumosa School of the Arts.  I received my Bachelors of Music from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters in Education (Educational Leadership) from the University of West Florida.

    About Our House

    Our House Color: Black & Gold
    Our House Mascot: The Phoenix

    House Character Traits:
    These traits are ones in which every member of the Haus of Sonus should possess and display at all times, On or Off Campus. These are the Traits we live by: 
    Enthusiasm ~ Poise ~ Friendship ~ Competitive Greatness

    Our House Motto: Growth! Experience! Passion! 
    Our "Growth" is on going through our diverse "Experiences" as we develop and find our "Passion" that will constantly drive us to excellece in everything we do!

    Our Band Program

    K-2nd Grade: Students use their voices, their bodies and rhythm instruments to develop their musicianship.  We enable students to develop music skills and an awareness of the elements, concepts, language, and applications of music. The content will include, but not be limited to: singing, moving, listening, playing instruments, creating music (melodic and rhythmic patterns), melodic, rhythmic, and movement improvisation, analysis of form, style, genre, and performance, role and influence of music and musicians, connections between music and other subject areas.
    3rd Grade - Middle School Band: The goals of this program are to introduce the student to performing music on an instrument, working within a group of other musicians, and help them progress to performing groups at the Middle School and Senior High level. We enable students to develop fundamental skills on wind or percussion instruments through the refinement and performance of elementary level band literature. The content will include, but not be limited to, the following: individual and ensemble techniques, music literacy, elements and characteristics of music, improvisation, composition, and arranging, performance analysis, role and influence of instrumental music and musicians, connections between music and other subject areas, instrument care and maintenance and responsible participation in music activities. 

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