Court Education Liaison Program

  • Court Education Liaisons are divisionally assigned to the 15th Judicial Circuit Courts, Juvenile Division. These employees participate in both dependency and delinquency court proceedings on behalf of Palm Beach County students

    Services Provided

    • Interpret student records and provide student advocacy
    • Assist in all delinquency and dependency court proceedings
    • Collaborate with the Department of Children and Families on court-involved youth
    • Coordinate educational information packets for students at their court appearances
    • Assist parents as appropriate concerning student enrollment matters
    • Notify parents of appropriate school contact and enrollment requirements if not actively enrolled
    • Notify Transition Coordinator of pending enrollment or placement
    • Notify appropriate homeschool campus contact, of student pending or recommended enrollment/placement, via e-mail and phone contact
    • Obtain contact information for Juvenile Probation Officer and school-related requirements as applicable and provide to homeschool contact
    • Share information with parents and students about educational placement and graduation options
    • Provide ongoing follow-up and support to DJJ students and families as requested
    • Participate in juvenile justice meetings and committees as assigned
    • Explore business and community partnerships to support initiatives for students enrolled in DJJ/Youth Services programs.

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