Board Meeting Attendance Rules

  • The School District of Palm Beach County supports the peaceful assembly of persons to express themselves regarding matters concerning District students, employees, and the community. Please be respectful of all persons who are present on School District property.

    In an effort to keep all participants and District employees safe, everyone must obey all lawful orders issued by law enforcement, which may include remaining or moving to a specific area or location, lowering voices for safety reasons or other safety related commands.

    However if such peaceful assembly results in a disturbance, including but not limited to an affray, riot or aggravated riot as defined in Florida Statute 870.01(2021) or mob intimidation as defined in Florida Statute 784.0495 (2021), those persons may be subject to arrest, and shall be held in custody until brought before the Court.

    Additionally, please note that persons who enter School District property are subject to video and/or audio surveillance. The School District expressly reserves the right to trespass persons who engage in disorderly conduct on School District property pursuant to Florida Statute 810.08.

    Thank you for helping to maintain decorum and the orderly conduct of School District business.