Parents' Bill of Rights Policy

  • On June 15, 2022, the School Board voted to adopt School Board Policy 5.735 – Parents' Bill of Rights and Notification of Right to Involvement in Palm Beach County Schools, implementing the requirements of the Parents' Bill of Rights as stated in Fla. Stat. 1014 and 1001.42(8)(c)

    Parents can request information required in Section III of School Board Policy 5.735 by emailing

    Parents who wish to file a complaint related to concerns about their school's compliance with Section IV of Policy 5.735 shall follow the procedures outlined in Section IV of the Policy. If a parent is not satisfied with the results of the committee's decision, the parent must email within one week to request a review by the appropriate District department. 

    Parents who wish to withdraw their minor children from portions of the School District's comprehensive health education program related to sex education, instruction on acquired immune deficiency education, or any instruction regarding sexuality, shall provide written notification using PBSD Form 2140 Human Growth and Development Study Exemption. The form is also available in Haitian CreolePortugueseSpanish.