AICE Diploma

  • Earning an AICE Diploma: Candidates must take SEVEN courses and pass all seven exams:

    • One exam each from Groups 1, 2, 3.
    • AS Global Perspectives and Research.
    • Three additional Cambridge courses from any Group.
    • Only two AICE Diploma points may come from Group 4.
    • All SEVEN courses must be completed within three school years (a 25 month period).
    • Students may apply for their AICE Diploma in 11th or 12th grade, depending on when they start courses or if they need to retake exams they have not passed.
    • There are no make-up dates for Cambridge AICE exams.
    • Santaluces High school pays for each exam (students must be enrolled in the class) as well as for the AICE Diploma application.
    • Students may choose to take Cambridge courses in addition to the seven required for the AICE Diploma.

    Contact Ms. Daniela Pinto with any questions.

    AICE Diploma Information

AICE Diploma Courses

  • Group 1:
    Math and Science

    AS Marine Science, AS Environmental Management, AS Psychology, AS Physical Education*
    *Can be used in Group 1 or Group 3

    Group 2:

    AS English Language, AS Spanish Language, AS French Language

    Group 3:
    Arts and Humanities

    AS International History, AS US History, AS Art & Design, AS Digital Media & Design, AS Travel & Tourism, AS Music, AS Literature in English, AL Literature in English

    Group 4:

    AS General Paper, AS Thinking Skills, AL Thinking Skills

    MANDATORY CLASS FOR AICE DIPLOMA:  AS Global Perspectives & Research