Early Childhood Teacher Education

  • early childhood teacher programThe Early Childhood Teacher Education program is a program in which high school students prepare for careers in child–related occupations, earning high school honors credits and/or Dual Enrollment college credits. Career possibilities may include teaching, child psychology, social work, and day–care ownership.

    This academy offers a broad range of experiences in which students: thrive in our learning labs. Students obtain their observation hours in our in-house preschool, area preschools, and local elementary schools. Our program produces the best and brightest teachers who are prepared to enter either college or the workforce knowing that they are competitive and have the experience to be successful.

    Eligibility Criteria: 2.5 GPA. Background checks will be conducted on applicants.

    Industry Certifications Offered: Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC), Child Development Associate (CDA)

    Career Opportunities: Various specialties await the graduates of this program which requires varying degrees of post-secondary education. They include VPK Teacher, Lead Preschool Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, Behavior Therapist, Social Worker, and Pediatric Psychologist.