Culinary Arts

  • culinary programThe Culinary Arts Academy provides the opportunity for students to train for a variety of careers in the ever-growing field of food service, food production, and hospitality management. Academic and technical studies are integrated emphasizing building proficiency in food production, all cooking methods, food service, financial management, and nutrition.

    Practical work experience stresses sanitation and safety and includes quantity cooking, baking, menu development, and food preparation. This program hosts a multitude of catered events in our on-site café as well as numerous off-site catering events, all of which allow the students to gain addition real world hands-on experience. These experiences help to further enhance their front and back-of-the-house skills, as well as restaurant management.

    Eligibility Criteria: None.

    Industry Certifications Offered: National ProStart Certificate of Achievement, Certified Food Protection Manager (ServSafe®)

    Career Opportunities: Students are prepared for future employment in the food service and hospitality industry. Potential positions include Chef, Kitchen Positions, Restaurant Management, Catering, Food Services Industry, Hospitality Management, and Business/Entrepreneurship