Band/Music Industry

  • band/music programThe core curriculum for students interested in pursuing the Band/Music Industry academy is Music Theory, Advanced International Certificate in Education (AICE) Music for college credit, Commercial Music, and band or chorus ensembles. The Music academy offers honors credits in instrumental and vocal music. Students have opportunities for multiple ensemble experiences. The Commercial Music course is designed for students interested in the production of popular music. The commercial music track covers all different aspects related to music production in today’s music industry.

    This academy focuses on preparing students for higher education in all academic areas but with a focus in music. Music Academy students are nurtured to develop musicianship, citizenship, and self-reliance. These characteristics will help any individual cultivate success in his or her chosen path beyond high school. Whether they want to continue performing at the collegiate level, join a recording studio, or pursue something outside of music, the attributes musicians learn through dedicated study are invaluable in any professional field.

    Students have the choice of three tracks: Band - Concert and Marching, Chorus, or Sound and Music Engineering but may participate in curriculum from all three.

    Eligibility Criteria: 2.0 GPA.

    Industry Certifications Offered: Apple Certified Pro (ACP) - Logic Pro X

    Career Opportunities: Students are prepared for a variety of careers in the music industry. The also learn the discipline to excel and complete post-secondary opportunities in almost any field.