Senior Class

  • Graduation Requirements

    SRCHS College and Career Timelines


    • Finalize your college essays
    • Ask references for letter of recommendation so that they can be submitted
    • Keep taking the SAT or ACT if needed
    • Take the ASVAB test in October to determine your career aptitudes
    • Attend the SRCHS College Night in October
    • Attend the PBCSD College Fair in October (a lot of out-of-state schools attend)
    • Make sure your transcript and records are all up to date
    • Familiarize yourself with deadlines for colleges of your choice - November 1st is the early priority deadline for most colleges
    • Check for Bright Futures eligibility
    • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - opens October 1st of senior year
    • Complete the Bright Futures Scholarship Application and other state scholarships - opens October 1st of senior year
    • Apply for scholarships and keep track of the deadlines
    • Make sure all community services hours are completed and on your transcript
    • Goal - complete all college applications/come up with your after-graduation plan


    • Maintain second semester grades and be aware of senioritis- if your grades plummet drastically or you make changes to your schedule, colleges can rescind their acceptances
    • Watch for admission letter in the mail or email notifications
    • Compare financial aid packages
    • Make a final choice on which college you will attend and attend orientation
    • Look for any summer jobs early


    • Confirm final transcripts have been sent to the colleges you will attend in the fall
    • Confirm AP and AICE test scores have been sent to the college you will attend
    • Make preparations for the following school year
    • Make sure that everything needed for financial aid is ready to go - check with your college’s financial aid office