Sophomore Class

  • College Planning Tip Sheet - 9-10th grade

    SRCHS College and Career Timelines


    • Set-up a free account with - you can research colleges and prepare for the PSAT/SAT
    • Prepare yourself to take the PSAT - link your College Board account to Khan Academy
    • Start preparing for the ACT by taking practice tests and studying
    • Participate in a college fair/attend a college financial aid workshop
    • Get involved with extracurricular and volunteer activities - be a leader inside and outside of school
    • Review your PSAT score report and discuss areas that may challenge you, to be prepared for the SAT the following year
    • Your GPA counts - stay on track with your courses, and if you are struggling, speak to your teachers or school counselor to explore possible solutions
    • With a parent, research and discuss colleges and their costs and take a tour of a local college or university


    • Begin your search for summer jobs, academic enrichment, and volunteer opportunities early
    • Meet with your counselor to discuss summer Dual Enrollment opportunities, Junior year courses and your current GPA
    • Plan a challenging course load for your Junior year (AP, AICE, and Honors) and discuss Dual Enrollment opportunities with your counselor


    • Along with completing all summer reading assignments create a list of other books to read as well
    • Find a summer job that offers valuable work experience and will help you along your path to college and a successful future
    • Build your community service hours needed for graduation and the Bright Futures Scholarship