Freshmen Class

  • Fall

    • Meet with your school counselor to learn which courses meet college entrance requirements and plan your enrollment in these courses
    • Create a four-year class schedule that meets both high school graduation and college entrance requirements
    • Take the most challenging and realistic course load, if possible
    • Create a account and complete the assessments to begin thinking about colleges and explore careers that may fit your interests


    • Talk with your parents about your academic strengths and weaknesses and explore tutoring resources for improvement
    • Enroll in honors courses in the subjects you excel at
    • Create a folder for college-related materials


    • Get involved with clubs, activities, and community involvement - all of these things look great on a college application
    • Record and track all of your credentials - awards, volunteer hours, etc.
    • Look early for summer jobs and internships - preferably those that will help you expand your academic and leadership skills
    • Find information in the School Counseling office, library, or online to start learning about college
    • Plan a challenging course load for your sophomore year


    • Continue to build your credentials over the summer
    • Along with completing all summer reading assignments, create a list of other books to read as well
    • Continue talking to your parents or any adults in your life about colleges and courses to take in high school
    • Build your community service hours needed for graduation and the Bright Futures Scholarship