Junior Class

  • Checklist for Juniors

    SRCHS College and Career Timelines


    • Sign up for the PSAT during lunches at SRHS at the end of September
    • Continue to stay on track in all of your classes to build up your GPA
    • Use your test scores and current GPA to evaluate your college options – make a list and include campus size, location, cost, etc.
    • Find out more about college visits around your area and on campus
    • Begin researching scholarships https://www.raise.me/ https://www.fastweb.com/
    • Look for your PSAT scores in December https://www.collegeboard.org/
    • Practice the SAT based on weaknesses with www.khanacademy.com


    • Take at least one practice exam before taking the School-Day SAT in March
    • Take the ACT - sign up on www.act.org and practice on https://academy.act.org
    • Know the dates and locations of all SAT and ACT tests - deadlines pass quickly
    • Decide which test is better for you and focus on it - ACT versus SAT
    • Make a list of at least three colleges to apply for (dream, reach, and safe school)
    • Contact those who may be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you
    • Search for scholarships and plan summer college visits
    • Apply on time for any summer jobs or internships you might be interested in
    • Plan a challenging course load for your senior year - discuss dual enrollment opportunities with your counselor


    • Participate in meaningful and valuable educational opportunities, preferably related to your desired major in college
    • Keep practicing for the SAT and/or ACT
    • Along with completing summer reading assignments, create a list of other books to read as well
    • Build your community service hours needed for graduation and the Bright Futures Scholarship
    • Start college application essays - finalize resume and essays