School Counseling

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    It is the mission of the School District of Palm Beach County School Counselors to foster academic achievement, college and career readiness, emotional and social development for all students through direct counseling services and collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, and community.


    School Counselors are professionally certified individuals who enhance students' achievement by supporting academic, career and skills for learning and life.  School Counselors are leaders at their schools where they work to implement a comprehensive school counseling plan that ensures every student has access to school counseling services and supports while helping students on a path for postsecondary success.  

    School Counselors implement a program based off of the American School Counselor Association’s National Model.  School Counselors effectively assess, define, deliver and manage programs fitting the unique needs of each individual school demographic.  

    School Counselors are trained to meet with students in individual settings, small groups and whole groups.  School Counselors can collaborate with staff members, community partners, families and others to ensure that students and families are supported utilizing a student centered approach.

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