Morning/AfterSchool Program FAQ



    When will the programs start?

    The Morning / AfterSchool programs will start on the 1st day of school.  Student’s application forms should be on file or turned in the first week of participation. A copy of the application is included in the student first day information packet.

    When do the programs meet?

    The AfterSchool program meets Mondays through Thursdays throughout the school year (Except 12-21-22).  We do not meet on school holidays or Fridays.

    The Morning program will be open on regular school days.  Doors will open at 7:45 AM.  Students should NOT arrive on campus prior to this time.  There will be NO supervision.

    What do the programs cost?

    All payments are required before participation in the Morning and/or AfterSchool programs.  There is a onetime NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $25.00.  The registration fee covers both programs. Registration forms and fees will be accepted at the school starting in August but are not required until the first day of student participation in the program. All payments are made payable to IMS or you can use the “School Cash Online” option (see School Website) Please see the attached MONTHLY RATES FEE SCHEDULE for the Morning and Afterschool program fees. Your child may attend one or both programs.

    Where do the programs meet?

    AfterSchool students should report to the cafeteria at the end of the school day.  Students are expected to go to their lockers and arrive in the cafeteria by 4:15 pm.

    The Morning program meets in Room 3-108 next to the Parent Pickup walkway overhang.  Students will enter through the double rear doors of room 3-108. During the first week a sign will be posted by the entrance.

    Do I need to supply a snack for my child?

    No, a snack and drink will be provided each day that the AfterSchool program is in session.

    Does my child need to attend the Morning / AfterSchool program each day it is in session?

    No, they do not.  As long as they have a completed registration form on file and have paid the appropriate monthly fee(s) they may attend as few or as many days as you choose.

    When do I pick up my child from the AfterSchool program?

    Students need to be picked up from the AfterSchool program at any time prior to 5:30 pm.  They do not need to stay until 5:30 pm. You may choose a time that is convenient for your schedule.

    Where do I pick up my child from the AfterSchool program?

    Your child will need to be picked up from Room 3-108 by the Parent Pickup walkway overhang. Parents can call 561-799-7548 and your child will be dismissed through the main school entry gates under the overhang.

    I cannot pick up my child from the AfterSchool program by 5:30 pm.  What are my options?

    If your child is assigned to a bus for the regular school day he/she will be eligible to ride the afternoon activity bus.  The activity bus departs campus at approximately 5:30 each day.  Please see the activity bus schedule, available (to be determined) for drop off locations. They are NOT the same as the regular afternoon stops.  The AfterSchool program activity buses will NOT be available until the second week of the school year.  If your child is not assigned to a bus for the regular school day or does not board the activity bus, he/she is considered to be a walker or bike rider.  He/she will be dismissed from campus at 5:30 each day.

    How can I contact the AfterSchool program staff or Director?

    The Morning / AfterSchool phone number is 561-799-7548.  This is a direct line into a classroom so it will be necessary to leave a message.  We will respond to your call as soon as possible.  The Director’s email is  Summer emails and phone calls might not be returned until Pre-School which begins August 4, 2022.

    FYI - We have never had a waiting list!