Supply List

  • IMS Middle School teachers may have unique supplies required for the courses. To begin the year, you may purchase a 1-2 inch binder to keep everything organized intially, and then get required supplies after school begins.

    - 1-2 inch binder(s)
    - Notebook Dividers with Pockets
    - College Ruled Notebook Paper
    - 3-Ring Zipper Pencil Pouch
    - Pencils
    - Pens
    - Multi-Colored Highlighters
    - Wired earbuds
    - Graph paper
    - Colored pencils
    - Post-It Notes
    - TI-30xa Calculator (7th and 8th Grade only)
    - School Planner (purchased at the school)

    Note: Electives/Academies may require additional items (Sketch pad, instrument, uniform, etc.).