Pre-Teacher Education Academy

  • The Pre–Teacher Academy is a three-year preparatory program beginning in 6th grade for middle school students interested in any career that deals with children. Career possibilities such as child psychologist, social worker, pediatrician, pediatric nurse, teacher, children’s author, child nutritionist, pediatric dentist are discussed. Topics of study include child development, early childhood education, childhood nutrition, health and safety, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, career development, child abuse and neglect, fetal alcohol syndrome and pre–natal/infant brain development. Opportunities to receive certifications in infant/child CPR, First Aid, AED, and baby–sitting are offered. After mastering lesson concepts, students engage in meaningful hands-on activities in the Academy's replicated preschool classroom.

6th Grade

    • Babysitting Course and Certification
    • Guest speakers from careers centered around children
    • Cooking

7th Grade

    • Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification
    • Teacher helpers around the school
    • The Future Teachers of America Club

8th Grade

    • 5 Field Trips to a local daycare center
    • Field Trip to the Pre-Teacher Academy at W. T. Dwyer High School
    • Take your simulator baby home for the weekend
    • You will earn High School Credits in Nutrition and Early Childhood