Middle School Course Recovery

  • The Middle School Course Recovery (MSCR) program utilizes a competency-based computer curriculum, Edgenuity to remediate middle school courses. It is not intended as initial or primary curriculum. There are 42 sites and each school site receives an allocation that is managed on site.

    • This is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Extended Learning and EducationalTechnology.
    • Middle school students who have failed one, or more of the core courses (Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies), or conditionally promoted students may attend the MSCR program at their school.
    • The school program may occur during school, before school, after school and/or Saturdays. Up to 50% of the coursework (excluding pre-test and final exam) may be completed at home.
    • Each middle school may offer a a summer school program for students to remediate failing grades.
    • The grade the student earns in the course replaces the student’s previous failing grade, as stated in the Student Progression Plan. Students attend until they have successfully completed their assigned coursework.
    • Students with disabilities may participate in the MSCR program if they are working on Florida Standards. This program is not appropriate for students with disabilities who are working on Florida Standards with Access Point.  English Language Learners who are proficient on the listening and speaking portion of CELLA are best suited for this program.