Program Overview

  • There are currently 39 SDPBC elementary sites with 21st CCLC  programs operated by highly qualified District teachers and staff. The 21st CCLC Site Coordinator at each participating school can assist with specific questions or concerns regarding program details.

    21st CCLC Staff
    All staff working in 21st CCLC programs are highly qualified teachers and counselors who gain clearance through District security and background checks. They are First Aid/CPR/AED certified and attend ongoing professional development to best meet the needs of our children. Certified teachers ensure age-appropriate instruction.

    Healthy snacks are provided for all students.  At least two food choices are offered, as well as milk, water or 100% juice.  Accommodations are made for students with food allergies.  Contact the Site Coordinator for a complete listing of snacks offered or to address concerns regarding food allergies.

    Daily Activities
    21st CCLC offers activities that are creative, engaging, project-based and focused on !! Lessons highlight collaboration, social-emotional and service learning and include the following:

    • Homework with assistance
    • Outdoor structured activities
    • Academic Enrichment(1 hour daily)- Project-based, standards aligned, STEAM focused
    • Personal Enrichment(30 minutes daily)- Social Emotional and service Learning, arts

    Family Involvement
    We promote family involvement by offering opportunities for family members to support their 21st CCLC student through collaboration and participation in varied Family Events like science & literacy nights and community learning presentations.

    Individuals interested in volunteering with 21st CCLC  programs must be registered with the Palm Beach County School District's Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program.  There is a VIPS coordinator at every elementary school that can assist with enrollment.

    Health and Safety
    Procedures are in place to ensure the health and safety of our students at all times.  Drills are conducted throughout the year to prepare staff and students in case of emergency. Parents/Guardians designate the individuals who are allowed to pick up 21st CCLC students and photo identification is required upon request of staff.

    Programs are prepared to handle specific student needs and health issues as they arise.  Contact the Site Coordinator for any concerns regarding food allergies, medical or behavioral needs, physical limitations and other Health Plan details. 21st CCLC program staff collaborate with appropriate District and community entities to develop strategies for meeting individual needs.