Medical Sciences Academy

  • The Medical Sciences Academy Honors Program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment designed to provide the student with the medical skills and training necessary to succeed in postsecondary healthcare career education and/or to successfully transition into the healthcare workforce.

    All students applying to these programs must meet the following eligibility criteria: 3.0 GPA and remain throughout the program.

    Required Program Courses

    Must be completed prior to clinical coursework
    *If a student receives an F in either required course, they will be removed from the program*

    • Level 1: Health Science Anatomy and Physiology Honors (1 credit)
    • Level 2: Health Science Foundations Honors (1 credit)

    Clinical Courses

    Students have the option of taking any clinical courses concurrently.

    • Option 1: Allied Health Assisting 3 Honors (1 credit)
    • Option 2: Behavioral Health Technician 3 Honors (1 credit)
    • Option 3: Emergency Medical Responder 3 Honors (1 credit)
    • Option 4: Electrocardiograph Technician 3 Honors (1 credit)

    *Any student completing the health science core and a clinical course will satisfy the requirements for the Medical Academy Program completer.*

    *Students who complete the core and a clinical course with a B or higher receive a maximum of 10 articulated credits at Palm Beach State College*

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Clinical Coursework

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  • Clinical Coursework