Staff Association Consultant Responsibilities

  • Name: James (Jim) Pegg
    Phone: 561-315-8303

    Consultant’s Responsibilities
    James Pegg was hired by the Staff Association Board in September 2023. His role in our organization is to:

    Report to the Board of Directors of the Staff Association (The Association). The primary function of the Consultant shall be to take action on behalf of the best interests of the Association membership and maintain interactions with elected and appointed officials of the School Board of Palm Beach County, as well as with the Superintendent and Staff. More specifically:

    • Attend Meetings, such as:
      • School Board Meetings
      • School Board Workshops and other special meetings at the direction of the Board
      • Association Board, General, and special meetings
      • Relevant political and community advocacy meetings
      • Relevant community functions
      • News Media, as directed by the Board
    • The Consultant shall represent The Association to the Superintendent, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Academic Officer, the Palm Beach County
    • School Board, and other Departments as required.
    • The Consultant shall lobby members of the State Legislature and the State Board of Education.
    • The Consultant shall serve as Chief Negotiator for salary and benefits, working conditions, and matters of employment.
    • The Consultant shall continue the development of membership and the marketing of the Association.
    • The Consultant shall represent individual Association members, in keeping with the Board’s policies, as a personnel representative and advocate. The Consultant will do so at the appropriate level of authority in the District. Other specific duties:
      • Meet with immediate supervisors associated with the conflict or issue.
      • Mediate issues on behalf of the member.
      • Advocate for members who have real and justified grievances that can and should be negotiated or resolved.
      • The Consultant will coordinate legal representation as directed by the Board.
    • The Consultant shall assemble and prepare documents for distribution to members.
    • The Consultant shall be an advisor to the Board on current topics and issues that affect it or its members. Advise on the best use of the Association’s resources and leverage to the benefit of the members.
    • The Consultant shall perform other duties as assigned, related to the business and interests of The Association.