Social Media Setup Procedures

  • The Department of Communications manages the District's social media presence on FacebookTwitterlnstagram, and YouTube, where Communications frequently shares content.
    for a Districtwide audience. In addition, the District is subscribed to a third-party archiving service (Archive Social) to fulfill public records requests.

    In order for a school or department in the School District of Palm Beach County to create an approved social media account to distribute content directly to their own audiences, principals or directors are expected to complete an eSupport ticket before creating social media accounts.

    School social media accounts should be utilized to promote school pride, provide updates about school activities, and productively engage with families.

    District departments should consult the Department of Communications on the intent and need to create a department-specific social media account. We recommend a unified approach from the District to social media messaging as opposed to messages coming from individual departments.

    You should create a social media administrative team of administrators, staff members or teachers who are already familiar with social media and understand the benefits it will bring to your school. These individuals will contribute content and resources to share with your followers. Assign one member of your team to post to the page and at least one other person to keep track of comments and direct messages to the page.

    Social media posts are always public and should be appropriate for public consumption, including by the news media. You should also always use proper grammar and spelling.

    Organizations such as PTAs, PTOs and SACs are not required to go through the District to have a page created. However, it is strongly recommended that they speak to the principal before the page is established and that the school's administrators follow the pages to ensure that the appropriate messaging is being shared and that the school is addressing concerns and feedback.

    Need help? The Communications Team can provide assistance, feedback and best practices. Please contact us

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  • Creating an Instagram Account