Dual Enrollment

  • For more information on Dual Enrollment, please contact Evan Wasserman.

    Do you qualify for Dual Enrollment?

    1.  Must have a 3.0 GPA
    2.  Must have qualifying Test Scores. You must have the following College Ready Test Scores in Reading, English/Writing, and Math to qualify.  Any of the following tests apply: 

    • SAT - Read 24, Math 24, Eng/Writing 25 
    • PSAT (currently accepted) - Read 24, Math 24, Eng/Writing 25 - SIS does not have the 2 digit scores. You must send your Collegeboard PSAT score report to your counselor to use these scores! 
    • ACT - Read 19, Math 19, English 17
    • PERT - Read 106, Math 114, Writing (Eng) 103   
    • NEW! The PERT will be given online through PBSC beginning April 6th.  You must make an appointment for the PERT at  https://www.palmbeachstate.edu/testing/ by using the “Schedule an Appointment” link located on the Testing website to register for the PERT exam. You will need to make more than one appointment if you decide to take more than one section of the PERT.   
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