Meet Your Counselor & AP

  • Here at Jupiter High School, we are fortunate to have 9 counselors working everyday to meet the academic, social/emotional and career/college needs of your student everyday.

    Counseling services that are offered at Jupiter High School include, but are not limited to:

    • Individual student planning
    • Pre-registration and registration
    • Goal-setting and career planning
    • Classroom guidance lessons
    • Credit recovery recommendations and registration (such as summer school, night school and online classes)
    • Crisis response services
    • Peer facilitation and mediation
    • Consultation, collaboration and referrals with community agencies
    • Coping strategies and problem solving
    • Financial Aid Guidance
    • College Events
    • FAFSA Completion Workshops
    • Senior Nights
    • AP Exams
    • Dual Enrollment support
    • Internship and volunteer opportunities

    We use the alphabetical system to assign students to counselors. Thus, simply use the first letter of your last name to determine who your child’s counselor is. If your student is designated as an English Language Learner, that student will not follow the traditional alphabetical system and instead, will be assigned to the ELL counselor until they are no longer considered an ELL student.

APs & Counselors