Renewals - Retiree/Non-District Employees

  • Retirees or individuals not currently employed by the School District of Palm Beach County must apply directly and submit the appropriate fee to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to renew their certificate. While submitting your online application you need to change your affiliation to “Department of Education/100.” This will prompt you to pay the FLDOE. Once you have completed the application, email our office at, requesting that ISP be sent to FLDOE via CT116. If points are completed through Beacon Educator, attach the transcript to the email. (Please review this VIDEO to assist you in submitting your online application.)

    Retirees and Educators not currently working for Palm Beach County Schools that have completed inservice points in the renewing validity period within our District, can request our office to submit those points to the FLDOE through the electronic form CT-116. Please contact our office at including in the email your Employee ID number and License information.