Mental Health Teams and Referrals

  • Mental health is our ability to live fully, engage with others, and respond to challenges.It’s OK to be OK. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to ask for help.

    Students often “tell us” with their actions, behaviors and words when they are working through a normal developmental milestone or are struggling with a mental health challenge. Signs of a student who may need mental health support includes:

    • Changes in habits.
    • Withdrawal from social situations.
    • Changes in academic performance.
    • Changes in behavior or erratic behavior.
    • Increases in physical complaints.
    • Disruptions to their ability to work or attend school, carry out daily activities, or engage in satisfying relationships.

    Schools have highly trained and skilled professionals in place to support student mental health. These professionals take a team approach to insure that mental health support is available to all students based on their need to improve their social (how they relate to others), emotional (how they feel), and behavioral (how they act) well-being.

    To speak with someone about your child, please contact your child’s School Counselor, School Behavioral Health Professional, School Psychologist or School Administrator.

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