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  • The FY23 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report was unveiled to the School Board and District Leadership at the School Board meeting on January 17, 2023. We are proud of the phenomenal collaboration that created this robust annual report showcasing the District's Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model in practice by infusing complete equity and diversity. This valuable piece captured many initiatives, projects, and accomplishments in the areas of its 10 WSCC components...enjoy learning more about our District's wellness efforts!

    The 10 WSCC components are the following:

    •   Physical Education & Physical Activity
    •   Nutrition Environment & Services
    •   Counseling, Psychological & Social Services
    •   Social & Emotional Climate
    •   Health Education
    •   Health Services
    •   Employee Wellness
    •   Physical Environment
    •   Family Engagement
    •   Community Involvement

    All stakeholders are encouraged to view any of the reports on this page. Members of the Wellness Promotion Task Force (WPTF), the Wellness Promotion Collaboration Team (WPCT), and the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) contributed to this FY23 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report to make it a comprehensive wellness report across the District. As all district employees (from academic to operational) strive to accomplish one common goal of improving student performance holistically, many of them have taken into their own hands the additional demands of living and teaching a life rich in health and wellness.

    The District's Wellness Promotion Policy (2.035) requires that we must present a comprehensive Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report that provides District-wide initiatives and accomplishments that are shared with and include internal and external stakeholders that participate in the Wellness Promotion Task Force (WPTF), Wellness Promotion Collaboration Team (WPCT), Healthy School Teams (HST), and community-at-large meetings. This includes the following: School Board members, District Superintendent and Leadership, School Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors and Administrators, Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) components District personnel, teachers, staff, students, parents, Parent Teacher Association/Organization (PTA/PTO), School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), members of the public, and other interested community partners. The annual reports are made available on this District website page and on our social media platforms when annually released.

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    Previous Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Reports will be available upon request by email Paula.triana@palmbeachschools.org