Request Transcript

  • To order a high school transcript electronically, visit Parchment.  First, create an account, then place the order. Online tracking is available 24/7.  A credit card is needed for the eTranscript fee, which is $5.90. There are additional handling fees for paper transcripts.

    Visit the Parchment Help Center

    NOTE: If you exited the District within the past 5 years, contact the last school you attended to process your records/transcript request.

    Official GED transcripts: visit the Florida Department of Education to Request GED 

    Postsecondary Career & Technical Education (CTE) transcripts from the Department of Adult & Community Education: complete a Postsecondary Career & Technical Education (CTE) Transcript Request form.

    Request in Person
    In-person requests are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  - to view the calendar for times/dates available and to schedule your visit.  We encourage our customers to save time and take advantage of online services by going to Parchment.

    Mailed Requests
    Requests submitted via mail/fax must include the following information:

    1. Former student's full name (including maiden name, if applicable
    2.  school attended in Palm Beach County;
    3. Last year in school
    4. Date of birth
    5. Daytime telephone number
    6. Purpose of the request (employment, education, or personal use)
    7. Address, fax, or email to send the records to
    8. Former student's signature, if 18 or over. Parent signatures for minors.
    9. Copy of pictured ID of adult student or parent guardian

    Link to Student Transcript / Records Request PBSD 1457

    Requests may be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the following address:
    The School District of Palm Beach County
    Records Management
    3300 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite B-201
    West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5870
    Phone: (561) 434-8550
    Fax: (561) 434-8660