Request Transcript

  • To order a high school transcript electronically, visit Parchment.  First, create an account, then place the order. Online tracking is available 24/7.  A credit card is needed for the eTranscriptfee, which is $5.90. There are additional handling fees for paper transcripts.

    Visit the Parchment Help Center

    NOTE: If you exited the District within the past 3 years, contact the last school you attended to process your records/transcript request.

    Official GED transcripts: visit the Florida Department of Education Request GED 

    Postsecondary Career & Technical Education (CTE) transcripts from the Department of Adult & Community Education: complete a Postsecondary Career & Technical Education (CTE) Transcript Request form.

    Request in Person
    In person requests are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  - to view the calendar for times/dates available and to schedule your visit.  We encourage our customers to save time and take advantage of online services by going to Parchment.

    Mailed Requests
    Requests submitted via mail/fax must include the following information:

    1. Former student's full name (including maiden name, if applicable);
    2.  school attended in Palm Beach County;
    3. Last year in school;
    4. Date of birth;
    5. Daytime telephone number;
    6. Purpose of the request (employment, education or personal use)
    7. Address, fax or email to send the records to; and
    8. Former student's signature, if 18 or over. Parent signatures for minors.
    9. Copy of pictured ID of adult student or parent guardian

    Link to Student Transcript / Records Request PBSD 1457

    Requests may be mailed or faxed to the following address:
    The School District of Palm Beach County
    Records Management
    3300 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite B-201
    West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5870
    Phone: (561) 434-8550
    Fax: (561) 434-8660