iHeart Radio Volunteer Coordinator of the Year

  • Michael James - Watson B. Duncan Middle School
    iHeart Radio's 2022-2023 Volunteer Coordinator of the Year

    This outstanding gentleman has been volunteering at Watson B. Duncan Middle School for 20 years and every person on campus knows this extraordinary individual. He started volunteering at Duncan when his children were students there and even though his children are now adults, he still continues serving our school community. 

    While his sons were at Duncan, he joined the PTO and has been a member ever since. He has been Duncan’s PTO President, PTO Treasurer, and has been the PTO’s volunteer coordinator for 15 years.  His special talent is coordinating parent volunteers.  He helps organize volunteers for staff appreciation events, open house, student pick-up, book fairs, ID’s, textbook distribution and locker cleanouts.  He is at parent drop off every morning to greet students and parents as they arrive on campus.  He also works with JAM and First Priority Clubs, which meet on a weekly basis. 

    This phenomenal gentleman writes up applications for the Golden School Award, the Silver School Award, the Family & Community Involvement Award, Outstanding School Volunteer Awards and the Five Star Award.  His applications are guaranteed to be one of the first applications received year after year.

    Michael James is a wonderful, dedicated individual whom I am happy to congratulate on being the iHeart Media-Palm Beach County School District’s Volunteer Coordinator of the Year!