eBusiness Partnership Agreement Overview

  • An eBusiness Partnership Agreement must be filled out by all businesses interested in becoming a Partner in Education with the School District of Palm Beach County. This option allows a business to submit the Agreement form directly to the District.

    Each business must enable JavaScript in order to successfully process the District eBusiness Partnership Agreement. If the business does not receive the submission confirmation window after submitting their Agreement, contact the District Business Partnership Coordinator, Debi Stewart at 561-738-2774  

    eBusiness Partnership Agreement Process

    1. The business partner completes eBusiness Partnership Agreement form.

    2. Once the agreement is completed, it is submitted to the District Business Partnership Liaison (BPL) for review.

    3. The business partner receives a submission confirmation notice stating: “Your form has been submitted to the Autonomy Process Automation Server."

    4. The District BPL routes the form to the school principal or department head for review and final approval.

    5. A copy of the approved eBusiness partnership agreement is sent to the District BPL and a copy to the District IQ Data Management System. A business partner is provided a copy of with the approved eBusiness Partnership Agreement.