Carver Middle Partners With Local Community to Support School’s Mock Trial

  • Carver Community Middle School held its annual Mock Trial simulation on May 6, 2022 during the school’s Law Week. The event provided a pathway for students to expand their knowledge and interest about the legal process, the courts, and jury system through classroom activities associated with civics and governmental benchmarks.

    Students served as plaintiffs, defendants, bailiffs, courtroom greeters, and jurors. The event convened to litigate the fictional case of Johnson v. Hurts, with 15th Circuit Court Judge Cymonie Rowe and 4th District Court of Appeal Judge Jeffrey T. Kuntz presiding. Local attorneys participating in the mock trial included Wilner Julmiste Lauren, Taylor Loynd, Desiree Dixon, Evely Pennington, and Chioe Leedum.

    “This type of partnership engagement enhances students’ civic knowledge and literacy as well as helps them gain a better understanding of the processes of government related to the judicial system,” said Dr. Shannon Grice, the school’s principal. “It also helps strengthen community involvement at Carver Middle School.”

    Carver Middle School Students and Local Community participating in a mock trial for Law Week