iHeart Radio Volunteer Coordinator of the Year

  • Courtney Roper - Crosspointe Elementary School
    iHeart Radio's 2021-2022 Volunteer Coordinator of the Year

    This outstanding lady has worked at Crosspointe Elementary School since 2014. Since inception, she has been a phenomenal teacher, team leader, and mentor. In 2016, she took on the challenge of Parent Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator, Business Partnership Coordinator and Five Star Coordinator. Her goal was, and still is, to reach as many parents, community leaders and stakeholders as possible. During COVID, she arranged zoom calls, phone calls, home visits and social media posts to answer all parent concerns and to make sure all parents had the most up-to-date information.

    This beautiful lady is cheerful and is always spreading joy, love and peace with the hope that the people she greets will pay it forward every day. Her principal states that this individual is the voice and face of Crosspointe and she shines a light on the great events happening at the school every day.

    "On a personal level, this lady is an exceptional individual. She is always on time with deadlines for awards through the Florida Department of Education and with the School District of Palm Beach County. I don't ever believe there was a time that I had to call and remind her that an application was due. Courtney Roper is a wonderful person whom I am happy to congratulate on being iHeart Radio's 2021-2022 Volunteer Coordinator of the Year!" states Stacey Oak, the District's Volunteer Coordinator.