• September 7: How Do You Set Your Child Apart From The Crowd
    When it comes to the competition for college admissions, scholarships, awards, Pathfinder consideration, and internships, what does your child have that makes them competitive in the selection process? Are they setting themselves up for student success? Your child has to be as competitive as possible to stand out. We will be discussing resumes, essays, summer programs, internships, volunteer projects, and other ideas to assist them in being all they can be.

    How Do You Set Your Child Apart From The Crowd PowerPoint

    How Do You Set Your Child Apart From The Crowd Handout Packet

    November 9: Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions
    BOGO SALE!   We are talking dual enrollment.  This means eligible high school students may be able to earn college and high school credit simultaneously. Actually, while the credit is doubled, it is also free.  We’re giving it away!  Now that’s a sale!  Come to our Coffee Talk and learn all about dual enrollment, its guidelines, advantages and requirements.   

    Dual Enrollment and Early Admission PowerPoint

    Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Handouts

    January 11: The Registration Process for the 2024-2025 School Year
    That's right! It's that time of year again when students and parents begin selecting courses for next year. Hear from a school counselor about the credits that are needed for high school graduation, what courses are best to prepare your child for their plans after high school, what courses Park Vista offers and to what grade level, and what courses colleges, universities, vocational schools, and the military would like to see on your child's transcript.

    The Registration Process PowerPoint

    April 4: Navigating the College Application Process
    Current juniors will begin the college application process this summer!! Your child receiving their acceptance from their college of choice is one of the most wonderful events your family will experience. Before that happens, there is much work to do. This Coffee Talk will assist you in beginning the process in order to get to that point. Come hear from one of our counselors on how to navigate these often murky waters. Are you familiar with the Common App? Did you know that all 12 state universities in Florida, as well as over 1000 other colleges in America, can be applied for using the Common App? The target audience is parents of current juniors but sophomore and freshman parents will certainly benefit from learning this information early!