Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters of Recommendation for Colleges and Scholarships

    To assist in writing an accurate and detailed letter of recommendation, please fill out the attached form carefully. This questionnaire is designed to help acquire a comprehensive picture of you and your accomplishments. If you have a resume, feel free to attach it. Leaveany questions blank if you feel that you have already answered them somewhere else or you are unsure of the answer. However, remember that the more information that you give, the more detailed and complete the recommendation can be. Ultimately, your letter of recommendation will mirror the effort and work that you put into this questionnaire. As a courtesy, please submit this completed packet at least two weeks in advance of the recommendation due date.

    *Note: Most of the state universities DO NOT require a letter of recommendation. If the university does not require a letter of recommendation, DO NOT SEND ONE. Also, letters of recommendation for universities will only be written once you have completed the student application.

    Counselor Recommendation Packet(opens as a pdf)